Pass·ion Proph·et [ pash-uhn prof-it ]- n. 1. one who, through information, inspiration or instruction, helps others realize their purpose, and then to harness their passion(s) to achieve that purpose for personal fulfillment and the greater good. 2. See Walt F.J. Goodridge

 A client in India asked a question as I was updating this website:

“Walt, is our Life purpose determined by the Nature (Inborn) or by the Nurture (the upbringing/environment/circumstances) of the person? Seeking answers to this.”

 My response: Neither. I believe that the purpose is CHOSEN (by you) prior to birth. The life themes concept that I include in my books is based on the CHOICE of those themes by your spiritual self PRIOR to incarnation.  Of course, as a result of free will, a person can be oblivious to that theme and out of alignment with it once they are in their physical manifestation BECAUSE of nature and nurture.  (eg. For the many years that I was a frustrated civil engineer, I was ostensibly out of synch with my true purpose which I am now (hopefully) closer to fulfilling). For more on this, see the Life Themes chapter of Turn Your Passion into Profit, and also Sylvia Browne's series of books.

Here are the series of websites, projects I’ve created to help (I believe) fulfill my own purpose to “share what I know, so that others may grow:” Some of these represent ideas that, with the right team, can be developed into something big! Note: A few of the sites are due for an overhaul, so hopefully, they’ll be re-designed by the time you read this!

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Purpose, passion, potential and ‘preneuring

Of course, I couldn’t have an online presence without securing my name as a domain! "Your portal to all things Walt." Discover the brands, books, passion projects, coaching and many websites I offer

In 1997, I realized the power of the internet to reach "wide thin" (i.e. niche) global markets and was lucky enough to grab the NICHEMARKET domain! The site birthed the Poets Niche, the Hip Hop Entrepreneurs' Niche and others that ultimately got their own unique domains, so the site now serves as a portal to my sites and, though I've received offers over the years, is not for sale! I remember once I met the fellow who owned!

WayBackMachine screenshot from Feb 2002


This site represents a milestone in the own evolution of my purpose. The title of the book Turn Your Passion Into Profit came from an off-the-cuff remark from Sidney Harleston in DC (so I reserved turnyourpassionintoprofit in 1999. Years later, another friend, Stacey Spencer-Willoughby mentioned the "profit/prophet" concept and I was again (fortunate or fated) to grab both domains in 2004!

See also:, hiphopbiz101,,

I reserved this onSept 21, 1999, but desperately wanted as a shorter, more memorable way for folks to reach this series of products. I got instead, but I kept checking the WHOIS registry. Finally, on Feb 7, 2000, I was able to acquire when the previous owner failed to renew the registration!



After my escape from America in 2006, and nomading throughout Asia, I set about documenting and dissecting the process of creating effortless income to share it with others.


As you'll notice, I typically reserve the domain to match the title of a book. The Tao of Wow was an inspired project based on a term I often used during my PassionProfit workshops: "What's your "wow factor?"

For 9 years, I had one of the longest-running email newsletters “Walt’s Friday Inspirations” featuring my life rhymes. Now the entire 9 year archive is available here, free!

The first "spin-off" from the site! Thanks to poet, Monica Blache, this niche, blossomed into something really unique! Monica enjoyed the weekly "Walt's Friday Inspirations." and suggested that other poets might wish to share their talents in a forum. We were doing meetups before You'll see photos of the meetups in 1998, articles of the coverage we received, and the book we published!

He asked, “How did you quit your job.”

I replied, “I wrote a 2-line resignation letter and walked it in to my boss’ office.”

He replied, “I know what you did, I want to know how you were able to do it!”

This book is (I hope) a better answer!

“I share what I know, so that others may grow.”

— Walt F.J. Goodridge, Passion Prophet

Ageless Adept™ Health Series

Staying healthy and sharing what I know with others is a passion-purpose combo that I express as the Ageless Adept. It's also the title of the first health book I wrote--since retitled The Man Who Lived Forever. The site features a blog, articles, videos and other resources for the health-conscious.

As a practitioner and advocate of extended water-only fasting as a means of rejuvenation, I discovered and re-published Herbert Shelton's seminal work under a new title and on this book site.

First reserved it in the early 2000s, lost it on 27 Oct 2017 regained it on 2020-02-22 I reserved, made plans for, then lost this domain when I failed to renew it in time and someone else grabbed it. Since the universe bequeathed that site to me, they, too either gave it up or lost it and I was able to recapture it after almost 3 years of waiting and watching!

The S.W.E.A.T. Manifesto is a free ebook that serves as an introduction to one of the underlying philosophies of the Ageless Adept offerings.

Coming soon. No more questions, please.

Here’s an idea I had for a series of book spoofing the vegan lifestyle and creating a tongue-in-cheek health guru personality. Ended up making t-shirts instead!

Escape & travel

Walt’s Escape from America

Follow me as I escape from New York to Saipan! A mini-blog that offers a few select pages from the Jamaican on Saipan book!

The Jamaican on Saipan book chronicles my escape from the rat race on the US mainland to this 13-mile by 5-mile island in the middle of the Pacific. Read how I almost didn’t make it, the grand arrival, first few months and more!

Reserved in 2009, this is home to a blog of my ongoing adventure here in the Asia-Pacific region.

I spent 6 months in China, Singapore and Laos and had to maintain my vegan lifestyle while staying in hostels and small hotels in each country. Here’s how I did it!



Observations & Society

A book site for The Obama Legacy, a collection of photographs, anecdotes and my own life rhymes chronicling the two-term presidency of Barack Obama.

A place for my books that fall into a more political/historical category. Did you know I wrote a book about Donald Trump?

A book site for Stop Pulling Numbers out of your A—…a book intended to provide pundits, politicians and the public with actual facts on the topics about which people tend to have the most emotional opinions but the least accurate information

For over 400 years, America has been having a very dishonest conversation about race. This is not privilege, this is pathology.

“The Great Sheep Uprising” life rhyme was written in 2007, the domain was reserved in 2008 with the intention of being a portal of resources for the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is based on the hope that the masses will one day remove the wool that’s been placed over their eyes

“Best of Saipan” series

Life and Living

It all started with the We Love Saipan site and blogger movement. This unique site features contributions and photos from over two dozen residents-turned-bloggers offering their personal testimonials on why they love living on Saipan, Tinian or Rota!

Retiring? Escaping the rat race? Considering relocating to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands? This is a site that offers a must-have guide that will prepare you for everything from taxes, to job hunting and even vegan living—if that’s your thing!

The site for the book Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan by Chun Yu Wang & Walt Goodridge. Read the book that shone a light on the little-known internal operations of what was once a billion-dollar industry on Saipan!

As an ardent—some would say “fanatic”—vegan, I launched a buyer’s group of like-minded residents who share information, inspiration, ideas, cooking demos and recipes.

Currently dormant: Originally intended as an online store for arts and crafts made in the CNMI.


My “Little Flights of Fancy” Writer’s Workshops are not only inspiring writers, but have succeeded in creating several published authors. The workshop has been presented on Saipan, Tinian and Guam!

This site chronicles the first Writers’ Workshop held on Guam.

For five years, I wrote “The Saipanpreneur Project,” a weekly column featuring business tips, motivation as well as profiles of local entrepreneurs—published in the Saipan Tribune. This is an archive of all 200+ articles.

Campaigns & Crowd Funding

A group of activists on Saipan succeeded in getting the George W. Bush administration to designate a swath of ocean as a marine national monument. This site serves as a permanent online documentation of that effort.

When crayon manufacturer, Crayola, announced it was replacing Dandelion (yellow) with a new shade of blue and were taking suggestions for the new name, I reserved the domain and launched a campaign in an effort to immortalize Saipan’s stunning blue waters with place in the crayon boxes of the world!

After Category-5, Super Typhoon Yutu hit Saipan, I launched GoFundMe campaign to generate support to help several people who were displaced when their homes were destroyed. The campaign was able to help a few people. Watch the presentation of checks and order a CNMI Strong t-shirt!



It started with a simple tour request from a visiting doctor, and became a passion project offering private, personalized tours of the islands and brought Walt and his expertise to the attention of authors, documentary producers, Asian travel channels, scientists, video makers, World War II veterans and their families who wanted to discover Saipan too!

This site offers visitors a way to hire licensed, English-speaking guides for their tours of Guam.

This somewhat dormant site was launched with the intenation of offering and arranging flights, boat trips and multi-day stays on the relatively pristine, Northern Mariana island of Pagan.

It started as a comprehensive portal. Now you can find my tour apps there!



Read the story of Battle of Saipan veteran Lloyd Glick’s return to Saipan after 75 years with his wife, Judy. Read the unique gift I created for Lloyd and presented to him at ceremonies on Saipan as well as on Guam!

One of my writer workshop graduates, Riza fulfilled her dream of being a published author and has been interviewed on television in the Philippines and her books are featured in stores on Saipan as well as in the mainland US!

A collaboration with educator, and workshop attendee, Dr. John Joyner, This Baby Can Speak English is a child language development guide for new parents.

The Olomwaay band, featuring Gus Kaipat, is a popular band with several local hits. This is their website.


Never miss another free concert again! I had the idea for this in 2005, just a year before I eventually escaped from New York. In other words, I’ve compiled the listings every year since then from a beach on a Pacific island!


Ideas, Coming Soon & More!

IDEA: A manifesto of ideas for a Saipan beyond total reliance on tourism.

IDEA: Is it possible to generate needed capital without destroying paradise in the process?

FOR MORE: BestofSaipan

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Domain Registrations in Sequence

 Here are the sites in the order in which I registered them:




2000-02-07 HIPHOPBIZ.COM


2001-04-02 ARTOFWOW.COM

2001-08-18 TAOOFWOW.COM See also:

2002-11-23 PASSIONPROFIT.COM also: 2000-03-20,





2006-02-16 NOMADPRENEUR.COM See also:















2015-02-28 MARIANAMONUMENT.COM originally















2020-05-23 WORMWAR101.COM

(Of course, I can’t reveal ALL my secrets! There are other domains for which I maintain complete anonymity!)