Pass·ion Proph·et [ pash-uhn prof-it ]- n. 1. one who, through information, inspiration or instruction, helps others realize their purpose, and then to harness their passion(s) to achieve that purpose for personal fulfillment and the greater good. 2. See Walt F.J. Goodridge

 A client in India asked a question as I was updating this website:

“Walt, is our Life purpose determined by the Nature (Inborn) or by the Nurture (the upbringing/environment/circumstances) of the person? Seeking answers to this.”

 My response: Neither. I believe that the purpose is CHOSEN (by you) prior to birth. The life themes concept that I include in my books is based on the CHOICE of those themes by your spiritual self PRIOR to incarnation.  Of course, as a result of free will, a person can be oblivious to that theme and out of alignment with it once they are in their physical manifestation BECAUSE of nature and nurture.  (eg. For the many years that I was a frustrated civil engineer, I was ostensibly out of synch with my true purpose which I am now (hopefully) closer to fulfilling). For more on this, see the Life Themes chapter of Turn Your Passion into Profit, and also Sylvia Browne's series of books.

Here are the series of websites, projects I’ve created to help (I believe) fulfill my own purpose to “share what I know, so that others may grow:” Some of these represent ideas that, with the right team, can be developed into something big! Note: A few of the sites are due for an overhaul, so hopefully, they’ll be re-designed by the time you read this!

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Of course, I couldn’t have an online presence without securing my name as a domain! "Your portal to all things Walt." Discover the brands, books, passion projects, coaching and many websites I offer

In 1997, I realized the power of the internet to reach "wide thin" (i.e. niche) global markets and was lucky enough to grab the NICHEMARKET domain! The site birthed the Poets Niche, the Hip Hop Entrepreneurs' Niche and others that ultimately got their own unique domains, so the site now serves as a portal to my sites and, though I've received offers over the years, is not for sale! I remember once I met the fellow who owned!

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This site represents a milestone in the own evolution of my purpose. The title of the book Turn Your Passion Into Profit came from an off-the-cuff remark from Sidney Harleston in DC (so I reserved turnyourpassionintoprofit in 1999. Years later, another friend, Stacey Spencer-Willoughby mentioned the "profit/prophet" concept and I was again (fortunate or fated) to grab both domains in 2004!

See also:, hiphopbiz101,,

I reserved this onSept 21, 1999, but desperately wanted as a shorter, more memorable way for folks to reach this series of products. I got instead, but I kept checking the WHOIS registry. Finally, on Feb 7, 2000, I was able to acquire when the previous owner failed to renew the registration!



After my escape from America in 2006, and nomading throughout Asia, I set about documenting and dissecting the process of creating effortless income to share it with others.


As you'll notice, I typically reserve the domain to match the title of a book. The Tao of Wow was an inspired project based on a term I often used during my PassionProfit workshops: "What's your "wow factor?"

Whatever we were before 2020, we're all now "pandemicpreneurs!" This new book and blog offer tips and advice for succeeding despite the self-isolation, social distancing, travel restrictions and overall disruption to life in this new paradigm.